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Oregon Bluegrass Association
A non-profit corporation founded in 1982. Its purpose is to promote, encourage, foster, and cultivate the preservation, appreciation, understanding, enjoyment, support, and performance of bluegrass music.

NW Bluegrass

Are you interested in bluegrass (and related) music in the Northwest? Stay informed about bands, jams, concerts, festivals and more! Make connections with others interested in bluegrass music.


The Nishna Valley Bluegrass Association
A non-profit association dedicated to the preservation of Bluegrass, Gospel, and Traditional Country Music.


Bluegrass World
This site features Bluegrass music artist, festivals, record companies, catalogs, radio stations, manufacturers, supplies and bluegrass music links.


Excellent music theory page.


Bluegrass River
The purpose of the site is to provide a central place on the internet where local and regional bluegrass artists can advertise their recordings (and where fans can find them).


Bluegrass Island
Special Thanks to Charlie Hansen of Bluegrass Island for playing our music on their radio station.

Bush Pilots
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Phone # (541) 926-0132
Albany, Oregon

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